RC&D Board of Directors

The RC&D Council is governed by a 5 to 7 member Board of Directors. Each Board of Director member is a volunteer, representing the interests of their county. The Board of Directors governs the policy, direction, and activities of the RC&D. Officers serve for one year terms and can be re-elected at the annual meeting.


2017 Board of Directors:

Executive Board President - Marshall “Chip” Holloway - Representative of the City Of Ridgecrest Email: mhollo5177@aol.com

Executive Board Secretary/Treasurer - Donna Thomas - Representative of Eastern Kern Resource Conservation District Email: dcthomas@wildblue.net

Regional Director -  Marie Brashear - Representative Of Victorville Area   Email: brashear412@live.com

Regional Director - Marianne Schat - Representative of the Bishop Area    Email: mschat@schat.net

Regional Director - Ed Fuller - Representative of the California City Area Email: fullerdreams@gmail.com




The RC&D staff puts ideas into action. All staff assistance is funded through grants, contributions and partnerships.

Executive Director/Project Manager/Administrator - Melanie Richards Email: melaniedmrcd@gmail.com

Administrative Assistant - Kimberly Campbell Email: kimberlydmrcd@gmail.com